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Experience Matters

Mark Young

CEO • Chief Strategist and Dragon Boat Manager

If ever a person existed who can point out everything that is wrong with anything, you’ve just found him. It’s a terrible trait when trying to make friends, but one that always seems to make for successful implementation. Seriously, this guy can find the flaw in any plan –and manages to do it before anything goes wrong. It’s really annoying, at first, but if you keep an open mind to the criticism, it’s just gold. And having been an entrepreneur and marketer for nearly 30 years, we would be remiss not to listen.

There is no linear way to explain Mark’s career path, but between his own experiences and those he has experienced vicariously through past clients, we’re convinced there aren’t many things he hasn’t done. And we’re almost afraid to find something he hasn’t done, as he is likely to drop everything to go try it. A collector of experiences and knowledge, Mark makes it his life’s ambition to try everything at least once. To quote his Facebook page, “Do everything.” – Mark Young

At the root of everything, however, Mark is an educator and teacher. Disassembling projects, campaigns, or even financial statements, Mark manages to reverse engineer a solution, then takes the time to teach anyone who will stop and listen. And it is no wonder, given the fact that he holds university degrees in nearly every discipline you can imagine. And if you ask him why, he’ll simply reply, “Why not?” Ask about the time he decided to join American MENSA on a dare –and succeeded.

All of that said, Mark’s most admirable quality is the genuine concern and ownership he takes of his clients’ businesses. If there were a way to give more than 100%, this is the guy would find a way to do it. He works the numbers, then works them again, reducing everything to a metric and finding ways to improve.

“Do the right thing for the client, regardless of the cost. It’ll come back to you. I promise.” – Mark Young

Entrepreneur. Educator. Author. Philanthropist. Travel Nut.


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